Useful links

Flora and fauna

The Balearic virtual herbarium, with pictures and drawings of the flora in Balearic Islands
Ecology webpage, with a lot of interesting links
Papaions de Mallorca, a website for mallorcan moth (help for identification, environmental education, etc.)
Isopoda webpage, by Angelo Gross (TAIB researcher).
Crickets, this link is special provided for Nick Riddiford.
Fauna Europaea, a database of the scientific names and distribution of all living multicellular European land and fresh-water animals.

Balearic organisations

Webverd, the Balearic webpage with numerous links in relation to environmental science and policy.
Mallorcaweb, the guide for virtual Mallorca.
GOB, (Balearic Group of Ornithology and Defence of Nature)
AEN, Associació d’Estudis de la Natura
S’Albufera Park Natural, unofficial s’Albufera Natural Park.
University of the Balearic Islands, general homepage.
IMEDEA, Institut MEditerrani d’Estudis Avançats UIB-CSIC
IDEIB, Spatial data infrstructure of the Balearic Islands.
Conselleria de Medi Ambient, Agricultura i Pesca, The Balearic Ministry of Environment, agriculture and fisheries.
IBESTAT Statistics on economy, demography, land use and tourism from the Conselleria d’Economia i Comerç.
Visitbalears Background information on the Balearic Islands for visitors.

International organisations

CCB wageningen-UR, the Dutch leading Knowledge platform on Climate change issues in relation to land use and water management
Wageningen University, the Netherlands
IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature
Wetlands International MEDWET Biological station Tour du Valat

International conventions

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Convention on Biological Diversity Convention on Migratory Species Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar) UN Convention to Combat Desertification

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