Our fields of study can be classified as following:
• Human impact studies • Biodiversity studies: • Ecological and Monitoring studies: • Park management studies • Interpretation and education

Human and management impact studies

TAIB studies evaluate the influence of human-induced activities on s´Albufera and determine the degree of environmental impact. Regional expanding tourism and the intensification of agriculture place considerable pressure on the NP. These accumulating pressures may induce changes in ecological processes despite measures of protection and conservation. These changes, in turn, threaten the continued availability of many ecological services and associated socio-economic values to the local community and regional economy.
2000: -Towards the use of bio-indicators to assess the anthropogenic impacts on aquatic biodiversity and water quality in s’Albufera NP by Jeroen Veraart -Pilot Study of the Seagrass Posidonia oceanica Ecosystem in the Bay of Alcudia Bordering the Parc Natural de S’Albufera by Suzanne Marshall ll
2001: -Monitoring of aquatic vegetation and zooplankton in s’Albufera NP by Jeroen Veraart -Dune observation, Parc Natural de S’Albufera by Rachel King
2002: -Towards the use of bio-indicators to assess the anthropogenic impacts on aquatic biodiversity and water quality in s’Albufera NP by Jeroen Veraart -Impacts and problems: why should damage to seagrass beds in Alcudia Bay be a concern to the Parc by Nick Riddiford
2003: -Monitoring of aquatic vegetation and zooplankton in S’Albufera NP by J Veraart
2004: -Grazing as a management tool at PN S’Albufera de Mallorca by N Riddiford
2006: -El estudio del sistema playa-duna en Es Comú de Muro (Parque Natural de s’Albufera) como ejemplo de la Gestión Integrada del Medio Costero por Laura Royo, Anna Traveset y Jaume Servera
2007: -Impact on vegetation of livestock removal from a fossil dune by N J Riddiford and I Férriz -Son Bosc: one of Mallorca’s richest sites, now threatened by N Riddiford anf I Férriz -El estudio del sistema playa-duna en Es Comú de Muro (PN de s’Albufera) como ejemplo de la Gestión Integrada del Medio Costero por L Royo, A Traveset y J Servera -Estudis sobre l’hortolà de canyet i l’evolució d’una duna fòssil, i preparació dels textos científics d’una guia de les aus de s’albufera de mallorca 2007 per I Férriz and NJ Riddiford
2009: -La potencialitat de l’ús públic d’Es Comú d’Abaix. Una primera aproximació a la seva anàlisi by I. Férriz

Biodiversity studies

Biodiversity studies are carried out on ecosystem, species and landscape level. The research is focused on succession, competition and distribution of flora and fauna. Biodiversity is evaluated determine priority species within the Park. TAIB specializes in a broad taxonomic approach, effectively achieved through the engagement and support of leading taxonomists.
1991: -Phragmites and Cladium on Albufera. NEWBOULD, P. 1991.
1992: -Preliminary report on the macrofungi of S’Albufera by Sheila Wells -Molluscs at S’Albufera NP by C.R.C. Paul -Mammal studies by Keith Bowey and N. Riddiford
1993: -Further study of the growth of  Phragmites by Alan Radermacher -Further study of the growth of  Phragmites, October 1993 by Alan Radermacher -Collection of mosses made in autumn 1993 at S’Albufera by R. C. Stern, Franklyn Perring and Nick Riddiford -Invertebrate studies: moths by Nick Riddiford -Lepidoptera (Heterocera) recorded at S’Albufera NP in 1992-93 by Barry Goater -Invertebrate studies: spiders and beetles by Nick Riddiford -White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala observations by Nick Riddiford -Study of the life cycle of the Albufera Marsh Frog  Rana ridibunda perezi by Nick Riddiford and Sara Hawkswell -A preliminary checklist of taxa and associated ecological types at the PN de S’Albufera, Mallorca by NJ Riddiford and Max Nicholson -Habitat and feeding ecology of Acrocephalus melanopogon and the mpact of recent fires and management practices at S’Albufera de Mallorca by Roy Taylor
1994: -A brief study of the growth of  Phragmites by Alan Radermacher -Bryophytes in the  PN de S’Albufera by R. C. Stern -A study of roosting birds at the  PN de S’Albufera, autumn 1994 by Chris Donnelly and Nick Riddiford
1995: -The Purple Gallinule (Gall d’Aigua) Porphyrio porphyrio at S’Albufera de Mallorca by Nick Owens and Pere Vicens -Aphids on Phragmites, August 1995 by Roger Wood and Ken Halliday -Observations of roosting Starlings, 22nd October to 3rd November 1995 by Nick Owens
1996: -Studies of Populus alba by N. Riddiford and Myslibor Chalupa -Study of Egrets: Earthwatch S’Albufera 27/1/96‑2/11/96 by Nick Owens -Biodiversity studies: distribution and abundance ‑ a pilot study by Paul Lupton and Nick Riddiford -Further observations on the bryophytes in the PN de S’Albufera de Mallorca by R. C. Stern -The Odonata of the PN de S’Albufera by Nick Riddiford and Joan Mayol -Further studies of the distribution of Odonata and Lepidoptera: S’Albufera 1996 by Chris Donnelly -Purple Gallinules Porphyrio porphyrio at S’ Albufera de Mallorca, October/November 1996 by Nick Owens -Roosting birds at S’Albufera de Mallorca, October/November 1996 by Nick Owens
1997: -A preliminary survey of prickly juniper Juniperus oxycedrus macrocarpa regeneration in the PN de S’Albufera coastal dunes by Julia Passman and Amanda Spurr. -Los Hongos del parque natural de S’Albufera, Mallorca by Rachel King. -Project S’Albufera, invertebrate survey and evaluation by Paul Lupton.
1998: -Recent Lepidoptera discoveries by Martin Honey.
2000: -Fungi of S’Albufera NP, Mallorca – by Rachel King -An initial report on some of the Lichens of the PN S’Albufera de Mallorca, October-November 2000 by Rose Pride -Continuing studies of the moth fauna (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) of s’Albufera and other balearic areas – towards an up-dated check list of the Lepidoptera by M R Honey and N J Riddiford. -Menorcan moths by Martin R. Honey, Marga Orfila and N Riddiford.
2001 -Diptera of S’Albufera de Mallorca – updated report on visit to PN S’Albufera, 15-23 April 2001 by Martin Ebejer -Identifications of Diptera from S’Albufereta (and one sample from S’Albufera) by Martin Ebejer
2002: -Additional records of Bryophytes in the PN de S’Albufera de Mallorca by R.C. Stern
2003: -An investigation into the value of different tree species to invertebrates on S’Albufera natural parc with particular reference to evaluation of the importance of Populus alba by Paul Lupton
2004: -Selection of bioindicators to assess effects of freshwater use in wetlands: a case study of s’Albufera de Mallorca, Spain – extracts of main findings by J.A. Veraart, R.S. de Groot, G. Perelló, N.J. Riddiford and R. Roikackers
2005: -Invertebrates of reedbeds by N.J. Riddiford, M. Honey andI.Férriz -Description of reedbed vegetation – methodology employed -Location of 2005 fire and reedbed biodiversity study sites -Idaea species at s’albufera  By M.Honey
2006: -Diptera biodiversity at s’Albufera by MJ Ebejer, DJ Gibbs and NJ Riddiford -European Moth Night by MR Honey and I Férriz -Bat Notes, May 2006 by Eleanor Jones
2007: -The Reed Bunting Emberiza schoeniclus at s’Albufera de Mallorca by N J Riddiford -Bat studies at S’Albufera de Mallorca by Jordi Serra-Cobo
2008: -The fish of s’Albufera de Mallorca by N J Riddiford and LuzEva Fernández -Submerged macrophytes and aquatic invertebrates of s’Albufera by N J Riddiford and I Férriz
2009: -The Charophytes of s’Albufera de Mallorca by Nick J Riddiford
2010: -The Aquatic Beetles and Molluscs of the Albufera by Nick J Riddiford -Bat Survey of Son Bosc, Mallorca by Rob Strachan
2011: -The Diatoms of s’Albufera by Caroline Gregory and Paul Lupton –Biodiversity Catalogue update, 2011 by I. Férriz and N. J Riddiford. TAIB has been recording the biodiversity of s’Albufera annually since 1989. In that time, there has been a large number of discoveries: species new to s’Albufera, Mallorca, the Balearic Islands, Iberia and Europe; and even taxa new to science. The publication of the Catàleg de Biodiversitat del Parc Natural de S’Albufera de Mallorca in 2003 was the culmination of the first 12 years’ work and comprised a list of all the flora and fauna known from this Protected Area. That list has grown considerably since the publication, aided by the expertise brought to the project by TAIB scientists from many different disciplines. With this in mind, we have identified a need to update this inventory and that is a major objective for 2011. This time, however, we want to make it a working document for conservation management. In other words we will go much further than producing a simple list. This update will incorporate considerably more detail, including status in the Parc, international importance, ecological relationships and scientific or conservation significance. Volunteers will help with this process and with the accompanying fieldwork which will employ various field techniques, led by TAIB’s scientific team, to verify and extend the information to be included in the new Inventory. It is a golden opportunity to appreciate the close relationship between biodiversity, habitats, ecosystem functioning and conservation management.
2013: –Current status of the Iberian endemic marsh frog Pelophylax perezi. Frogs are a major component of the wetland ecology at s’Albufera. Adults and young are a major prey resource for a range of vertebrates from the viperine snake Natrix maura to various species of heron Ardeidae, as well as being predators themselves – of terrestrial as well as aquatic invertebrates. Fieldwork for this study will entail investigating activity and distribution in the Parc and how that relates to habitat type, hydrology and water quality. This information can then be used to compare with historical data, including from the 1990s to investigate the level of change and how that may relate to changes associated with a range of issues and events including the impacts of management, hydrological change and other factors.

Ecological and monitoring studies

As a contribution to the development of monitoring programs and management strategies to cope with environmental change in S’Albufera Natural Park, research TAIB research encompasses the description of ecological requirements of the flora, fauna and habitats of s’Albufera and long term studies, changes in bio-indicator populations, such as insects, aquatic vegetation and orchids.
1989: -Albufera: Aspects of Hydrology, Vegetation, History and Management. HOWE, C. 1989. -The Albufera as a Global Monitoring Station. NEWBOULD, P. 1989. -Consumption of Phragmites australis at S’Albufera, Mallorca. NEWBOULD, P. J., RIDDIFORD, N. J. and GRACE, E. 1989. . -A monitoring programme for S’Albufera, Mallorca. WOOD, B. (ed.). 1989.
1990: -Monitoring for Global Change: The Earthwatch Europe S’Albufera Project. NEWBOULD, P. J. and RIDDIFORD, N. J. 1990.
1991: -Monitoring for Environmental Change: The Earthwatch Europe S’Albufera Project ‑ a summary report of the second season’s work 1990 by N. Riddiford and Palmer Newbould. -S’Albufera moth survey by N. Riddiford and Palmer Newbould.
1992: -Biomass and productivity of  Phragmites australis and Cladium mariscus on the Albufera of Mallorca by Palmer Newbould -Monitoring orchids at S’Albufera, Mallorca by Terry Wells -S’Albufera butterfly and dragonfly transect methodology by N. Riddiford and Keith Bowey -S’Albufera moth survey by Simon McKelvey -S’Albufera hoverfly transect and survey by Simon McKelvey -S’Albufera bird transects by N. Riddiford
1993: -Monitoring the changing population of  Euphorbia terracina on the Turo de Ses Eres by Jo Newbould -Sampling of  Odonata  larvae and other aquatic fauna at S’Albufera, Mallorca in October 1992 by Ed Cross -Ornithology: ringing studies by Roger Riddington and Roy Taylor -Coot Fulica atra habitat choice and time budgets by N. Riddiford -A short-term investigation into the ecology of the small mammals at S’Albufera, May 1993 by Rob Strachan
1994: -Monitoring water quality at S’Albufera by N. Riddiford -Water level recording in the Gran Canal  by Sara Hawkswell -Habitat mapping by Sara Hawkswell
1995: -Re-colonisation of an area of coastal sand dune by vegetation destroyed by fire by N. Riddiford and Maria Zas -Aquatic invertebrates and water quality at S’Albufera by Michelle Chapman
1996: -MedWet Guide to Monitoring Mediterranean Wetlands: the S’Albufera de Mallorca contribution by N. Riddiford and Joan Mayol Serra -A Further Study of  Water Quality and Aquatic Invertebrate Communities at S’Albufera by Michelle Chapman
1998: -Monitoring of vegetation structure and evolution in relation to water depth and Conductivity at the PN de s’Albufera: a collaboration between Tour du Valat Biological Station and Earthwatch Europe Project S’Albufera by N. Riddiford, Carolina Encinas, Project S’Albufera, and André Mauchamp, Tour du Valat  Biological Station -Bird Ringing at S’Albufera, November 1997 and February 1998 by D. M. Hanford, H. F. Coats, R. Evans and R. H. Rigdon
2000: -Habitat Biodiversity Investigations: Sampling of Habitats for physical and vegetative structure, species presence and impacts on biodiversity by Chris Donnelly -Habitat Mapping: Further analysis of Habitats present within the Park by Chris Donnelly -Reedbed passerines by Brigitte Poulin -A comparison of the results of a bird ringing project at S’Albufera in November 1997 with those of a repeat project in November 1999, by D M Hanford, H F Coats, R Evans and R J Rigdon -European reedbed management handbook case study, Managing for diversity in the Mediterranean coastal wetland of s’Albufera de Mallorca. Starting point by N. Riddiford, Gabriel Perelló and Juana Garau
2001: -Monitoring of reedbed passerines in Mallorca by Brigitte Poulin
2002: -Diversity and Foraging Behaviour in the Hymenoptera of S’Albufera by Leanne Mason, Jo Phillips, Dan Nussey and Daniel Morrish -Herons and Egrets in S´Albufera by Iain Hartley, Augustus Asamoah, Felix Eigenbrod, Gareth Fisher and Andrew Marshall -Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) at the PN de S’Albufera – project proposal by Mayumi Sato -Distribution of the Purple Gallinule Porphyrio porphyrio population in S’Albufera NP, Mallorca by Monika Böhm, Sarah Gwillym, Mairead Maclean and Mayumi Sato
2003: -Orthoptera of the PN de S’Albufera by Florent Prunier -Results of the census of Ardeidae – 23/10/2003 by Pere Vicens and Florent Prunier -A pilot study to investigate how substrate samples can be used to determine the diet of wading birds by Paul Lupton
2004: -Social interactions of the endangered crested coot Fulica cristata by Jan Bissinger -Weather in the marsh: the new weather statio by Jeroen Veraart -Proposal: development of guidelines for inventory and quantification of wetland good and services, a case study of PN de S’Albufera de Mallorca by Teresa Ros Dosda
2005: -Statistical analysis of time series of conductivity in S’Albufera NP by J.A. Veraart -Monitoring water quality in s’Albufera using invertebrate communities – a calibration exercice by B.C. Eversham, F. Prunier, R. Vaquer
2006: -The dynamics of reedbeds after fire and their associated biodiversity by G Prior and NJ Riddiford -Monitoring the status and conservation management of the rare orchid Orchis robusta by F Prunier, I Férriz and NJ Riddiford
2008: -Distribution of the populations of Thymelaea velutina and Juniperus oxycedrus subspecies macrocarpa in the dunes of Es Comú, PN de S’Albufera, Mallorca by I Férriz
2011: -Paseriformes: evoluciones de poblaciones a s’Albufera de Mallorca por Carlos Herrera and N. J Riddiford.
2012: -Inventari de la biota asociada a ses aigües de ses Veles d’es camí de son Fornari per I. Férriz
2013: –Pollinators of orchids and other flowering plants; the role of bees. N.Owens. The wetlands and dunes of the Albufera Natural Park host a range of flowering plants, including orchids which are rare or threatened in their World range. An important part of their ecology remains poorly known – in some cases unknown. Early April is an ideal time to investigate the relationships between pollinating insects and flowers. Aculeate hymenoptera, bees especially, have an important role to play – particularly in orchid pollination. Studies so far indicate that s’Albufera supports an impressive diversity of bees and wasps. In assessing their role in plant pollination we are also able to broaden our knowledge of the biodiversity of the group. TAIB is fortunate to be able to call upon some of Europe’s top aculeate hymenoptera taxonomists; so the opportunity will be taken to extend knowledge of bee diversity as well as investigating their plant pollination activities.

Park management

These are studies that formulate ideas to optimize current park management strategies from the findings of TAIB impact studies. Park management include tasks such as maintenance, cattle grazing, water sluice management, canal cleaning, education and facilitation of public use of the park. Evaluation of grazing strategies is one of the key examples of research within this theme.
1990: -The Albufera de Alcudia (Mallorca): an assessment of the importance of this wetland for colonially nesting Ardeidae. HAFNER, H. and HOFFMANN, L.
1993: -Ecotourism in Mallorca: S’Albufera by Max Nicholson and N. Riddiford
1994: -Project S’Albufera  data management system  by Sara Hawkswell and N. Riddiford -Assessment of the functions and values of natural ecosystems and protected areas: a case study of the  PN de S’Albufera, Mallorca by ir. J. H. van Alst
1995: -PN de S’Albufera Management Plan, 1995-98. Consultation comments by members of the Project S’Albufera scientific team.
1997: -Public use of the Es Comu beach, PN de S’Albufera, August 1997 by Julia Passman and Amanda Spurr.
1998: -Management of the PN de s’Albufera by Professor Palmer Newbould.
2000: -Monitoring bitterns at S’Albufera by Glen Tyler. -Thesis Proposal: An Integrated Assessment of Tourism in the S’Albufera NP region on Mallorca; a contribution to the development of a management plan for sustainable tourism by Mishka Stuip.
2001: -Determinació de la població reproductora de Queca Botaurus stellaris al PN de s’Albufera de Mallorca. Cens per detecció de cants per Pere Vicens. -What factors determine niche partitioning in Ardeidae and invertebrates on an island wetland in the Mediterranean, under conservation management? by Leanne Sargeant. -The Integrated Assessment of Water Use, Water Policies and Water Management in the Sa Pobla-Inca catchment area, Mallorca by Benoit Cathala, Geraldine Ducos and Sergios Karatzos.
2002: -Observations of the condition of trees at s’Albufera 1989-2002 by N. Riddiford. -Introduced species at S’Albufera by N. Riddiford. -Summary report: herbivore feeding preferences – what do management “tools” eat? by Martin Helicar, Ian Morton, Alex Thompson and Ben Collen. -Monitoring grazing activity and its impact on biodiversity: invertebrate diversity, using Orthoptera as bioindicators by Florent Prunier.
2003: -Dry habitats at s’Albufera: biodiversity and management issues by Florent Prunier and Brian Eversham.
2004: -Integrated assessment of grazing as a management tool in NP s’Albufera de Mallorca: summary and main findings by Carmen Portero-Martí.
2005: -Current Status, Conservation and Management for the most notable species at s’Albufera by N. Riddiford. -The status or ecological requirements of notable species in 2003 by N. Riddiford.
2006: -El estudio del sistema playa-duna en Es Comú de Muro (PN de s’Albufera) como ejemplo de la Gestión Integrada del Medio Costero por L. Royo, A. Traveset y J. Servera.

Programme developement

TAIB is always in development, that is why since its first days there was an important aim to characterize the project and redirection it simultaneously with the changes occurred
1994: -Mediterranean Wildlife – Team IV S’Albufera 1994 by Michelle Chapman -Albufera – A personal overview, 1992-1994 by Alan Radermacher
1995: -Assessment of functions and socio-economic values of natural ecosystems and protected areas: pilot study on the PN de S’Albufera de Mallorca by Macarena Mata -GIS application to ecosystem valuation for land use planning – a case study of S’Albufera NP, Mallorca by Sas Terpstra
1997: -Assessment of Functions and Socio-economic Values of Natural Ecosystems and Protected areas: Pilot Study on the PN de S’Albufera de Mallorca – Conclusions by M. Mata, L.G. Hein and R.S. De Groot -Towards a manual for the practical application of the environmental function assessment: a case study of NP S’Albufera de Mallorca – final comments by Sas Terpstra -Towards the operationalization of the environmental function assessment in a GIS-application: a case study of NP S’Albufera de Mallorca – summary by Sas Terpstra -Modelling the potential conflicts between Biodiversity Conservation and Water Quality Regulation in S’Albufera NP, Mallorca – summary by  J. P. Van der Perk -Biodiversity conservation in S’Albufera NP: an analysis of main relevant functions, (potential) land-use conflicts and related policies – summary  by Carolien Borggreve -Project S’Albufera research proposal for 1998-2000 by N. Riddiford and Michelle Chapman
1998: -The Mallorcan thrill by Esther Fondo
2001: -SAVE by N. Riddiford, Gabriel Perelló and Maciá Blazquez
2002: -Designing a monitoring programme by N. Riddiford -TAIB educational learning activity for participants: Oral presentation with computer support by Florent Prunier
2003: -MedWetCoast training course, April 2003 by N. Riddiford -MedWetCoast training course, October 2003 by N. Riddiford -Statistics Course: a brief introduction using an intuitive approach by F Prunier -TAIB data management by Chris Donnelly
2004: -Biodiversity Training for Protected Area managers, conservation NGOs and field biologists by Florent Prunier and N. Riddiford
2006: -La investigación del TAIB (The Albufera International Biodiversity group) en el PaN de s’Albufera de Mallorca por I. Férriz y N. Riddiford
2007: -Scientific editing of a guide to the Birds of s’Albufera by N. J Riddiford -A GIS programme for TAIB by Helen Wood

Interpretation and education

Environmental educational tools have been developed to implement s’Albufera’s education department. Studies to enlarge the protected areas for environmetal interoretation and visitors surveys has been carried out.
1993: -S’Albufera: display materials for the new Visitor Centre by Hannah Bonner -Project S’Albufera  participation in the new PN de S’Albufera  Visitor Centre display by N. Riddiford
1994: -Making Biodiversity Data Accessible  by Jeremy Harrison -S’Albufera as an International Model Biodiversity Site by N. Riddiford, Terry Wells and Sara Hawkswell -Biodiversity – Channelling Field Data into use in action by Max Nicholson
1995: -Report on an Earthwatch expedition to S’Albufera de Mallorca by O’Kah Ebwekoh Monya
2004: -Posidonia oceanica, its role, its importance and why we should protect it by Iratxed González Andrés
2005: -Keys to odonata, sphaeroma species and aquatic mollusca. v.1.0 by Brian Eversham
2012: -Memòria del projecte del camp de formació i investigación científica i internacional al PN de S’Albufera de Mallorca per L Royo -TAIB fieldwork training at the PN de s’Albufera, Mallorca, 2012 by Laura Royo and N. J Riddiford