Ranunculus sceleratus

Ranunculus sceleratus (f. natans Gluck) (cursed butter cup) can be found along siqua des Pollo. Its juice is toxic for cattle and can result into irritation of the skin of the field ecologist.

The plant, which blooms from June to August, is an annual. The thickish leaves are three-lobed and toothed, the radical with long petioles and those of the stem sessile or with shorter stalks. The flower is typical of the family, with five sepals, five petals of equal length, and numerous stamens and pistils, the latter forming an oblong head when ripe. The flower is about one quarter of an inch broad, and pale yellow.

Distribution: Found allong siqua des Pollo (fire break)
Saproby: -
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Ranunculus Sceleratus in the temporary lakes allong siqua des Pollo (Veraart, 2008)

Close-up of flower (Veraart, 2008)

Close-up of leave (Veraart, 2008)

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